after fantin
  The 'After Fantin' pictures are a spin off from my 'Cover Versions' series of paintings based on12 inch vinyl record covers. They could be thought of as kind of cover versions themselves, as they are 're-makes' of the flower paintings of Henri Fantin Latour.  I have along-standing affection for these pictures particularly their quality of interior light often manifested in discreetly shimmering backgrounds. Flower painting is a straightforward genre with little intellectual pretension, the paintings themselves often able to act as a sort of bouquet. I enjoy the sense, in the early 21st century, of breathing new life into the actual blooms that flowered briefly in a Paris studio in the late 19th.
Roses, 1882 2007 43 cms x 45.5 cms
Roses dans un Verre à Pied, 1890 2007 45.5 cms x 36.5 cms
Vase de Pivoines et Boules de Neige, 1878 2007 46.5 cms x 37.5 cms
all paintings acrylic on canvas