both sides now

The Both Sides Now drawings derive from a chance purchase from Oxfam Cambridge of a book of Psychic Photographs. I felt that whatever the provenance of the images I liked very much the period and early photographic qualities of them. I was taken with the matter of fact combination of the material and immaterial and felt that charcoal was asuitable medium for evoking this.



Mrs Collins And The Image Of Her Husband’s Late Father, 1875 83 x 60 cms 2008 
Mr Alexander Dallachie Of Rothsay With The Spirit Image Of His Brother Robert 62 x 68 cms 2007
Portrait Of An Unknown Man With Psychic Extras 61.5 x 73 cms 2008 
Professor T Fukari With Psychic Extra, 29th September 1928 85 x 63 cms 2008 
Psychic Photograph Of An Unknown Couple By William Hope 87 x 63 cms 2008
Titles left to right  - All drawings charcoal on paper sizes in centimetres