life drawing
    The 'Life Drawing' series (they are in fact paintings) are made through a simple procedure that of placing as many figures as possible, without any of them touching, onto arectangle.

    The paintings are 'gravity neutral' as the figures are not all the same way up; the pictures are develop organically with each figure finding its own space as the paper or canvas is rotated. There is,as a consequence, no single right way up for the paintings. It is inevitable, however, that however the pictures are displayed, they could be read as falling with whatever implications come with that.
Life Drawing 1 ( Black People ) 2007 114.5 cms x 84 cms acrylic on paper
Life Drawing 1 ( detail )      
Life Drawing 2 ( Black People ) 2008 56 cms x 40 cms acrylic on paper
Life Drawing 3 ( Brown People ) 2009 109 cms x 158 cms acrylic on paper
Life Drawing 3 ( detail      
Life Drawing 4 ( White People ) 2009 approx A2 digital image
Life Drawing ( detail )