press cuttings paintings


     The Press Cuttings paintings are derived from images cut from newspapers and magazines. The pictures share an all-over pattern-like quality which results in a dispersed composition with no obvious centre of interest.


     I particularly like the fact that the pictures can be viewed effectively from a distance and differently , but equally effectively, from close up. The Initial images are necessarily small, the paintings fairly large and this gives plenty of room for changes to occur during the painting process.




acrylic on canvas       sizes in centimetres


Empire 188.5 x 165.5 2013
Beach 210 x 168 2013
Tourists 154.5 x 201 2014
Seaside 155 x 228 2014
Opernball 210 x 148.5 2015
Nightlights 149 x 210.5 2016
Camberwell 157.5 x 223.5 2016
Heatwave 177 x 219 2016/17