cover versions - paintings

     Cover Versions is a series of 12 1/3 inch square paintings based on LP record covers.  The project started in a single moment some years ago when, taking an album from the shelf, I suddenly ‘saw’ it as a painting, the same shape and size but transformed into a painting. 

     I often use pre-existing ‘readymade’ material in my work making originals, paintings, from multiples; printed or photographic imagery.  I think of this process as ‘turning’ this imagery, borrowing the situationist notion of ‘detournement', from one context to another. Although naturally often received as such there is no intention in the work of paying tribute to 'favourite' albums and artists, more a general celebration of the genre and its period of dominance.

     Each painting is a stand alone piece but there are a number of systems guiding the project. The paintings are developed in groups of 12. Within each 12 there has to be at least one of the following: a portrait, a monochrome, a hand-drawn (rather than photographic) image, an image referencing an existing art-work and an 'abstract' or purely typographical one.




Bal Masque / Poulenc Cover Version 4 (4/1) 2002
Cha Cha Cha Cover Version 7 (7/1) 2002
Close To The Bone Cover Version 19 (7/2) 2003
Dido & Aeneas Cover Version 21 (9/2) 2003
Dovetail Cover Version 36 (12/3) 2004
European Concert Volume 2 Cover Version 30 (7/3) 2004
Introspective Cover Version 41 (5/4) 2006
June Christy Recalls Those Kenton Years Cover Version 13 (1/2) 2003
Love Songs Cover Version 28 (5/3 2004
Olé Coltrane Cover Version 23 (11/2) 2003
Prince Charming Cover Version 26 (2/3) 2005
Rock’n’Roll Animal Cover Version 37 (1/4) 2006
Sarah Vaughan Sings Gershwin Cover Version 2 (2/1) 2002
Smokey Wood:The Houston Hipster Cover Version 42 (6/4) 2006
Songs For Swinging Lovers Cover Version 29 (6/3) 2004
The King Of New Orleans Jazz Cover Version 5 (5/1) 2002
The Times They Are A-Changing Cover Version 18 (6/2) 2003
We Got Latin Soul Cover Version 17 (5/2) 2003
All paintings acrylic on canvas