grains of sand

‘to see a world in a grain of sand’ - William Blake


‘paradise is exactly where you are right now, only much much better’ - Laurie Anderson



In my work I often:


make parallel series within different genres*. I neither have nor seek a single signature style.


stay within the parameters of particular genres, putting pressure on them from the inside out


use commonplace,everyday,sometimes banal, material


work with already existing, distanced ( photographic and/or printed ) imagery


‘turn’ material from its existing state to another


make something single, unique,from the multiple


reclaim things from the past and re-make them in the present


question concepts such as originality,authenticity, purity and expressiveness as goals.



*  ‘In that sense there is always something spectral - ghostly - in the generic since any new version or variant has in it all of the past variants somehow.  This quality is a sort of resonance or shimmering feeling which to me is an essential part of aesthetic pleasure.’

Jeff Wall



Roger Woodiwiss 2007